company profile
50s, 60s, 70s - In a historical period marked by significant expansion of infrastructure and industrial structure, G. Pascucci began his career realizing various interventions at the local level more and more established company image.

Year 1983 - G. founded the Giuseppe Pascucci Srl
 Years 1984 - 1998 - Giuseppe Pascucci Ltd. has been committed, without interruption, in both civil and industrial sectors. They are the years the design and construction of warehouses and industrial buildings for residential purposes, the creation of foundational works for industrial machinery.But even the work port and maritime sector sees the company at the forefront, engaged in such activities as the construction of jetties and piers.

Year 1999 - Giuseppe Pascucci Ltd. changes name, becoming Construction Ltd.
Years 2000 - 2002 - Giuseppe Pascucci increase the skills of its employees, enhances their skills but, in view of future development, he moves the basic steps in the field of road works and restauration of buildings.
In 2004 he was succeeded by his son Francesco, who, with equal competence, professionalism and passion, plays a key role of company management.